Heat exchangers made of stainless steel

Robust design – Long service life

Nowadays there are heat exchangers made of different materials. The selection of the correct material is decisive for the function and service life. For this reason, special attention must be paid to it from the start. Viesel has been building heat exchangers only out of stainless steel for over 50 years.

High demands are made on the material in heat exchanger construction. Heat stresses due to the large temperature differences can create cracks in the material. Mechanical influences such as vibrations, steam hammers as well as high pressure within the devices present a big challenge on the material used . Corrosion and deposits from limestone or other residues, for example, are also critical. They increase the maintenance requirements of the heat exchanger if not considered. As each maintenance step always costs money and often causes a partial or complete failure of the entire system, the maintenance interval should be reduced at the start and a material that is robust as possible is to be used.

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Stainless steel: The ideal material for heat exchanger construction

Stainless steel has proven to be a particularly reliable and durable material here. Heat exchangers made of stainless steel are particularly resistance to corrosion and deposits of limestone and other residues are minimised. Viesel heat exchangers have been made of only stainless steel for over 50 years.

Common tube bundle heat exchangers and special heat exchangers can be realised using stainless steel without problem. If single parts are welded to each other, each welded seam always marks a possible weak spot. Always rely on an experienced manufacturer due to reasons of reliability during operation. We have the necessary expertise and experience to perform welded seams cleanly and reliably according to the WIG and/or MIG procedure. Naturally we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 3834-3:2005.

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The stainless steel heat exchangers from Viesel offer you a resource-saving energy source in a wide range of application areas. Whether brewery, automotive industry or swimming pool technology. At Viesel, we develop company-specific heat exchangers made of
stainless steel for you.

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