Very precise temperature control

Steam generators and steam condensers

In the area of pure steam generation and saturated steam condensation, heat exchangers from Viesel are characterised by customised and particularly durable solutions.

Space-saving Viesel special heat exchangers with U-tube bundle and straight tube bundle are used for very precise temperature control or steam generation. The heat exchanger can compensate heat stresses extremely well due to the U-shape of the tube bundle and is therefore well suited for operation with two output media at very different temperatures.

For steam boiler construction, we always pay attention to compliance with all the legal provisions and also coordinate the required approvals by the technical inspection services.

As a result of our extensive experience over many years in different branches of industry, we develop solutions with an optimum design and construction. We clarify the specific requirements together with you so that the heat exchanger is precisely integrated with the local operating conditions.

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Everything at a glance:

Overview Steam generator / steam condenser

Examples of use:

  • Steam generation and temperature control in the food processing industry
  • Steam generation in the cleaning industry
  • Saturated steam condensation
  • Condensing boiler technology
  • Air drying
  • More sectors and applications


  • Low pressure loss
  • Compact design, high efficiency
  • Compensation of heat stresses
  • Large differences of the input temperature of both media possible
  • Tube bundle replaceable
  • Media: Water, gases, oils, vapour, all common liquids and gases

Steam generator & steam condenser

Wide range of application options

Steam generators or steam condensers have a wide range of applications in temperature control technology in the food processing and cleaning industry

They are used in saturated steam condensation in condensing boiler technology and for air drying.

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The perfect condenser for your application

Customer-specific calculation, design and production

We calculate each condenser or steam generator individually for an optimum solution. Here all conditions on site (e.g. connections) and wishes of the customer are incorporated for the design. In this way, an exact profitability calculation is possible.

As a result of decades of experience in the construction of heat exchangers, we have the necessary expertise to optimally calculate and manufacture condensers and steam generators for every application purpose.

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The stainless steel heat exchangers from Viesel offer you a resource-saving energy source in a wide range of application areas. Whether brewery, automotive industry or swimming pool technology. At Viesel, we develop company-specific heat exchangers made of
stainless steel for you.

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