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Is it worth my while to have a heat exchanger?

What must be considered when selecting the correct heat exchanger? How large must a heat exchanger be? What is the correct flow velocity? Is the use of a heat exchanger at all economic?

In theory, any available heat can be used. In practice, it is decisive whether this can occur economically. For example, if a heat exchanger requires a length of 50m acc. to the calculation to operate efficiently, its use should be refrained from.

The correct and economic design of a heat exchanger is the key to profitability here. This ensures that the purchase price is reasonably proportional to the amortisation period due to the saving of energy costs.
The correct design depends on many factors. These factors are fixed or changing factors. They are derived from the local conditions. A serial product can often only partially satisfy these factors. For a level of efficiency as large as possible, it is recommended to adapt the heat exchanger to all local conditions. This calculation must be the basis for the decision on how an economic heat exchanger appears. Approval by TÜV is required from a certain size.

Find out whether the use of a heat exchanger is worthwhile for you: Carry out a material, heat and profitability calculation with your individual data and figures now.

Material, heat and profitability calculation

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