Heat exchanger: Special production instead of series

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In theory, any available heat can be used. In practice it is decisive whether this can occur economically. Viesel special heat exchangers are characterised by their optimum design and adaptation to your specifications in particular.

The correct and economic design of a heat exchanger is the key to profitability. This ensures that the purchase price is reasonably proportional to the amortisation period due to the saving of energy costs.
The better the design is matched to all factors, the larger the possible saving. The relevant factors are fixed or changing here. They are derived from the local conditions. A serial product can often only partially satisfy these factors. We help you to consider all factors and to optimally design the heat exchanger.

We carry out material, heat and profitability calculations with you using your individual data in advance. These calculations are the basis for the decision on how an economic heat exchanger appears.

When producing a special heat exchanger, all connections for supply lines and drainage lines available on site as well as their size and position can also be included. The heat exchanger thus seamlessly matches your existing infrastructure.

We design and construct special heat exchangers made of stainless steel for you with a U-tube bundle, straight tube bundle design or as a vaporiser / condenser.

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Spare parts / replacement devices

Due to our specialisation in the special production of heat exchangers, we are also able to manufacture replacement devices or individual spare parts for repairing existing heat exchangers such as spare tube bundles that match exactly.

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Media used:

  • Water
  • Gases
  • Oils
  • Vapour
  • All common liquids and gases
  • Our stainless steel heat exchangers can also be found in different branches of industry for various applications areas and media. Contact us concerning where the use of heat exchangers is useful for you.

We offer a wide range of products:

  • Special heat exchangers as a special production
  • Suitable spare tube bundle
  • Repair and replacement of faulty heat exchangers
  • Service for existing heat exchangers

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The stainless steel heat exchangers from Viesel offer you a resource-saving energy source in a wide range of application areas. Whether brewery, automotive industry or swimming pool technology. At Viesel, we develop company-specific heat exchangers made of
stainless steel for you.

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