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Straight tube heat exchangers from Viesel

The straight tube heat exchanger is a version of the tube bundle heat exchanger. It can be found wherever viscous or contaminated media is used or where a fast heat transfer without pressure loss is necessary.

For straight tube heat exchangers, very thin single tubes are guided straight through a large pipe. They can be operated according to the parallel flow principle or counterflow principle. The straight tube heat exchanger only generates a very low pressure loss during operation. It is available in an upright (vertical) or horizontal design.

Due to the straight tube design, contaminated and viscous media can also be used without problem. Corrosion and deposits can be minimised by using stainless steel. The maintenance interval is thus drastically reduced.

Simple cleaning

Straight tube heat exchangers can be quickly and easily cleaned without complete disassembly. If the front heads at both ends are removed, grease and other deposits can be easily removed using brushes or high pressure cleaners.

Grooves or baffles (so-called baffle plates) can be incorporated in tube bundle heat exchangers to further optimise heat exchange. Finned tubes or cross-corrugated tubes for the individual tubes of the tube bundle can be used to further increase heat output.

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Everything at a glance:

Overview of straight tube heat exchangers

Examples of use:

  • Waste heat recovery in foundries and steel processing
  • Combustion gases in combined heat and power plants
  • Gen. exhaust systems
  • Thermal post-combustion
  • More sectors and applications


  • Low pressure loss
  • Viscous media can be used
  • Contaminated media can be used
  • Simple to clean
  • Media: water, gases, oils, vapour, all common liquids and gases


  • Tube bundle cannot be replaced, shell space not accessible
  • Relatively large due to design
  • A heat exchanger with U-tube bundle is smaller and has a replaceable tube bundle

Straight tube bundle heat exchanger

Wide range of application options

Straight tube heat exchangers are often used as exhaust gas heat exchangers in condensing boiler technology. The objective here is the heat recovery from the exhaust gases. This use of exhaust heat is found mainly in directly fired smelting furnaces in foundries, in steelworks and mills, from combustion gases in combined heat and power plants, in exhaust gas systems or thermal post-combustion.

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The perfect straight tube bundle heat exchanger for your application

Customer-specific calculation, design and production

We calculate each heat exchanger individually for an optimum solution. Here all conditions on site (e.g. connections) and wishes of the customer are incorporated for the design. In this way, an exact profitability calculation is possible.

As a result of decades of experience in the construction of heat exchangers, we have the necessary expertise to optimally calculate and manufacture straight tube heat exchangers for every application purpose.

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